DESmart Lab

Effects of Dynamic Lighting on Improving Sleep and Mood in Older Adults with Dementia.

Sponsor: The Design School + Institute for Social Science Research 

ASU Team: Nina Sharp (PI), Jason Yeom (Co-I), Aaron Guest (Co-I), Michael Todd (Co-I), Ellen Zheng (RA), Seonghyuk Son (RA)

Mayo Team: Renaldo Blocker (PI), Alexandra Watral (Co-PI)

Status: Active 


This study aims to investigate the synergistic effects of lighting and thermal environments in intensive care units (ICUs) on medical staff's physiological, psychological, and cognitive health. 


Study Design: Cross-sectional

Tools: Empatica Plus, Wearable Light Tracker, Joggle Research, PANAS

Outcomes: Heart Rate Variability, Skin Temperature, Cognitive Performance, Mood

Through this interdisciplinary pilot study, we aim to generate valuable preliminary data on the health effects of lighting and thermal environments on medical staff within the unique context of a hospital setting, specifically in ICUs. The findings from this study have the potential to inform the development of evidence-based guidelines for creating healthier and safer environments for both medical staff and patients. By optimizing lighting and thermal conditions in ICUs, this research can contribute to improved healthcare outcomes, reduced healthcare costs, and enhanced patient care.