DESmart Lab

Light, Health, and Productivity: Evaluating the Potentials of Biodynamic Lighting for Home Office Workers 

Sponsor: Korrus Inc.

Team: Nina Sharp (PI), Ndeye Yague (RA), Mahya Fani (RA), Mohammed Alrahyani (RA)

Status: Active 


This study examines the effectiveness of a biodynamic lighting intervention on the sleep, cognitive functions, and alertness of adults working from home. The biodynamic intervention is an innovative lighting solution that intends to harness both visual and non-visual effects of lighting by delivering varying intensities and spectra during working hours according to a preset protocol. 


Study Design: Counterbalanced crossover 

Tools: Actigraphy, Joggle Research, SSS

Outcomes: Sleep duration, sleep efficiency, alertness, cognitive performance 

Findings from this interdisciplinary study will provide insight into the potential benefits of applying biodynamic lighting in home workplaces for improving the health and well-being of remote workers. Findings will also assist the lighting industry in providing necessary lighting technology and products aligned with the uprising trend of working from home.