DESmart Lab

Effects of Daily Light Exposure on Cognitive Performance, Sleep Quality, and Physical Activity in Older Adults.

Sponsor: NSF Brain

Team: Thurmon Lockhart (PI), Nina Sharp (Team PI), Jason Yeom (Co-I), Seonghyuk Son (RA)

Status: Active 


This project aims to objectively explore older adults’ daily light exposure pattern and model its relationship with their cognitive performance and sleep quality. We will also measure daily activity levels and mood as other variables to find their moderating effects on the relationship between light, sleep, and cognition. 


Study Design: Correlational Study

Tools: Actigraphy, Wearable Light Tracker, IMU device, Joggle Research  

Outcomes: Sleep duration, sleep efficiency, daily light exposure, mood, Physical Activity 

Successful study completion will provide comprehensive insight into the relevance and robustness of the effects of daily light exposure to improve the health and well-being of older adults and to support age-in-place. The findings can be used to develop practical and beneficial guidelines for designing residential spaces of older adults as well as for improving their lifestyle that enhance their daily light exposure and consequently their health, well-being, and quality of life.