DESmart Lab

Nina Sharp, Ph.D., LEED GA, WELL AP

Lab Founding Director 

Nina Sharp, Ph.D., LEED GA, WELL AP, is an Assistant Professor at The Design School in Arizona State University. Dr. Sharp’s research is focused on the dynamic interactions between the ambient quality of the built environment and humans’ health and comfort. She has a broad background in lighting, with specific training and expertise in the conduct and analysis of field experiments investigating humans’ health in relation to their environment. She also has a vigorous research program that examines the effects of environmental lighting on sleep, mood, and cognitive functions of occupants. Moreover, she has been involved in a series of complete and ongoing studies that explores the potential of smart technologies, including smart lights, to improve indoor environmental quality and comfort in various building settings. The common, fundamental purpose of these research projects is to try to understand the manner in which humans are affected by the elements of the built environment. This will result in developing methods to design indoor environments that promote health, safety, and productivity of their users.